Decorating and Exhibit Policy
The use of tape, glue, thumbtacks, nails, poster putty, or other adhesive material on tables, chairs, walls, door frames, stairwells, or equipment is not permitted. Decorations, posters, displays, are NOT to be hung or attached to walls. Decorations are NOT to be hung from the ceiling or light fixtures (no exceptions). The use of glitter is NOT allowed on decorations and/or tables, party poppers are also not allowed. Displays or decorations which require water must be approved by the Events Coordinator. No bubble machines are allowed. No displays or decorations requiring flame are allowed. Candles are permitted in an approved container (some may require floor covering underneath the display) but all must be approved by the Coordinator. All decorations must be removed and/or disposed of immediately following the event. Any item left behind will be disposed of. Unless given special permission by Coordinator. Sitting and/or standing on tables is not allowed. Any room not rented, is not to be used. Violation of this rule will result in additional rental and cleaning charges. For the safety of guests, please do not block exit doors or stairways. Birdseed will only be allowed outside. Rice, confetti, or glitter is prohibited from the center. The lessee using the Center will be responsible for any damage(s) that may occur to the property. The event center will not be responsible for damage or loss of materials or equipment in the center on display and/or in storage. Renters of the facility will be responsible for cleaning all areas used by the Lessee. Any event which invites the public to the center will restrict public access to the major areas only. Restrooms are not to be made available to the public. No smoking within 15 ft. of any entrance to this building. Renters will be responsible for turning all lights, ovens, fireplaces, thermostats, candles, etc. before exiting the Center.